Eclectic Storm Radio Show 4/3/2019

"Star-crossed" by Excorde

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Deep Friday Ladies Night

With Bernardette Barter

Aired on July 27, 2018. Excorde - True 15:03

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The Flock Show

Welcome 2 the #FLOCKSHOW Special Edition Celebr8ing the 2k18 JMA #NomNoms

Tune in to the #FLOCKSHOW as the Planet's favorite DJ "SongBird" Spins & Supports all the best flavored INDIE Music for the Planet's Ear Candy! Thanks so much for playing "True",(minute 3:00),  nominated for the JMA for Best Rock Song of the Year. We love the Flock Show! Twitter handle: @lorilynnemusic

European Indie Music Network

Brand New 08-12-2017

Opening the show with "All The Way Back Home," by Excorde.

UK Independent

Radio Show Episode 17

Minute 43.30 - "More" by Excorde, with a very kind presentation, before and after the song was played.

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“Very dramatically sung vocals, with marvelous 80/90's tunes in the background. Perfect for a soundtrack for a dramatic episode, the way how she sings touches you and the lyrics hit in a beautiful way in your mind.” Read full review.

— Roy, from Chatsong

“My guest this evening has taken her love for singing, and despite so many challenges, collaborated with artists from around the world to create some truly wonderful music! I know you will be as charmed as I was when you learn about this talented young lady with the golden voice, Jimena Arroyo from Excorde!"

— Alan Wayne, from Indie Star Radio

“Jimena is a seasoned independent artist that is on the rise throughout the world of social media. Her music is magical and very inspiring in the lyrics that she writes and the music she performs." Read full article & interview.

— Jerry Martins, from Social Stars WW.

“The lyrics (of "If I Saw You", by Excorde) are beautiful & heartfelt. The singing performance is flawless. The complex piano chords & song pacing are perfect, allowing us to fully appreciate Jimena's vocal ability, vocal range, vibrato, expression, artistry, musical passion and undeniable singing skill.
(...) So to hear this song & see this phenomenally emotionally charged video, it is a wonderful thing, because the sound quality is immense, the music is immersive & the performance is captivating.
I hope as many people as possible get t see this video so that finally Excorde's potential can be seen on a larger scale.
(...) I'm not sure if I should say '10/10' or just admit it brings me close to tears, that I'm happy to see Excorde put out a video that shows how truly great they are.” Read full review.

— Jermaine, from AudioZoo Promotions

“Jimena Arroyo and Torbjorn’s 'Without You' has a Eurovision quality. The production quality is outstanding. It’s like superstar quality out there. While I was listening to that, the whole production really stood out to me, it’s one of those deals you see it being more than just a track out of an album. It’s almost like a soundtrack in a movie, maybe a Broadway show. The production value was awesome awesome stuff.”

— Rick Landstrom, from Music Mafia Radio

"So many emotions locked behind the door ' what wonderfully inspired opening lyrics to a magnificent song ("Ten Waves" co-written with Torbjorn Vagle) (...) An emotional journey captured in words, which makes us all really feel  a powerful story expressed with such passion. An amazing adventure which explores the sorrows and triumphs of the human heart. A truly inspiring song-writer.

This song majors on the sorrows of the human heart but the final realisation that all the pain and sorrow was based on false beliefs and lies. The long hard road to truth was worth it. To know she was valued and  loved and those who believed she was trash were not worth wasting time on.


I have listened to a number of her songs and I cannot escape the emotional wisdom expressed in her songs."

Read full article.

— David Slater, from Musical Artizan.

“Jimena’s emotional voice combined with Jonnie’s distinctive guitar playing will transport you to another dimension, where catchy choruses, killer guitar riffs and meaningful lyrics are imbued throughout the listening experience with Excorde.” Read full article.

— Randy Lockhart, Editor-In-Chief, Indie Artists Magazine.

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